“Fmr. Sec. Moniz Says U.S Needs to Be Nuclear Power Player” – Bloomberg Politics

  Apr 6, 2017   in CEO Blog, Uranium News

Learn more about how the implications of increasing production of nuclear power are affecting world politics. Former U.S. Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz discusses China’s stance on climate change, the U.S. coal industry, the Paris climate accord, nuclear power and the energy landscape. He speaks with David Gura on “Bloomberg Markets.” Watch the video here.  

“Uranium News Creates Mixed Emotions, But Not For Investors” – SMALLCAP Network

  Apr 5, 2017   in CEO Blog, Uranium News

Check out this article on SMALLCAP Network about the uranium market: The early resurgence back into uranium in recent months has clearly continued to favor individual uranium mining stocks, as well as the only pure uranium ETF play in the markets in Global X Uranium ETF (URA). The daily chart below provides a glimpse into […]

“Japan court rules in favor of restart of Kansai Elec’s Takahama reactors” – Reuters

  Mar 28, 2017   in CEO Blog, Uranium News

Check out today’s news in favor of Uranium demand about restarting Nuclear Reactors post-Fukushima in Japan: A Japanese high court on Tuesday overturned a lower court’s order to shut two reactors operated by Kansai Electric Power, a company spokesman said, potentially ending a drawn-out legal battle and helping the utility to cut fuel costs. The decision, […]

“Nuclear Energy Demand Increases” – Stockhouse

  Mar 28, 2017   in CEO Blog, Uranium News

Read up on how Azincourt Uranium, among others, are working to facilitate the increased demand for nuclear energy. Rapid population growth, along with improved lifestyle has resulted in a strong energy demand from households, in both advanced nations and emerging markets. Rising demand for a variety of products have driven industrial developments in various countries, […]

“Azincourt Uranium (AAZ.V): The little uranium company gearing up for… something” – Equity Guru

  Mar 27, 2017   in CEO Blog, Uranium News

Read about the ups and downs of the Uranium market over the past few years and the potential future of the market. Maybe you think Donald Trump is amazing. Maybe you think he’s horrible. One thing we can all agree on, however, as I sit here watching him stumble from disaster to disaster, is that […]

“Uranium, the Next BIG Commodity – Azincourt Uranium, Inc. (AZURF)” – Smallcap Network

  Mar 27, 2017   in CEO Blog, Uranium News

Check out how world demand has led to substantial rise in Uranium prices over the past couple months, and still has more upside to come. Contrary to popular belief and despite a short-lived activist effort against them following the 2011 disaster at the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan, nuclear power is still going strong, […]

“Russia’s Uranium One may reduce production in Kazakhstan” – Nuclear Engineering

  Mar 26, 2017   in CEO Blog, Uranium News

Check out how Uranium One, the Canadian company who held the six largest uranium deposits in Kazakhstan, is evolving with the changing Uranium market in 2017. Russian state nuclear corporation Rosatom said on 22 March that it could reduce production at some uranium mines in Kazakhstan without violating licensing and contractual obligations. Rosatom’s international mining […]

“Uranium Stocks Recent Price Jump; Low Hanging Fruit or Trend?” – Baystreet.ca

  Mar 21, 2017   in CEO Blog, Uranium News

Investigate the recent debate over fluctuating Uranium prices and if Uranium is here to stay. Christmas 2016 was not very merry for Uranium investors. Even the bears were likely surprised when the price cracked below $22, then $20, $19, $18… In the new Trump regime uranium prices started rising almost immediately after the polls closed […]

“Uranium ETF Is 2017’s Best Performer So Far, And May Only Be Getting Started” – ETF Daily News

  Mar 18, 2017   in CEO Blog, Uranium News
“Uranium ETF Is 2017’s Best Performer So Far, And May Only Be Getting Started” – ETF Daily News

After taking hits in 2016, check out how Uranium is fending better in 2017. Gosh, not very long ago, it sure seemed like the uranium market was dead. 2016 saw uranium prices crumble to 12-year lows. Today, prices are off that bottom, but only a little. Read more here. 

” Is uranium set to be the next big commodities story?” – THE WEEK

  Mar 7, 2017   in CEO Blog, Uranium News

Despite considerable headwinds, check out why it’s being said that uranium is set to rise. In addition to the big investment going on in China and India, and now in the UK, Japan has for instance decided – not without controversy – that it needs to restart its nuclear fleet. Seven plants will come back […]